Intensive Therapeutic Support

Complex Care

The Intensive Therapeutic Support (ITS) Program – Complex Care, specialises in assisting post-incarceration participants to develop pro social skills as they transition into the community. ITS services NDIS participants on a 1:1 basis. Our staff specialise in partnering with participants who have a history of complex needs including but not limited to mental health, substance misuse and trauma histories.

As this is a specialised intervention, participant involvement is funded through Capacity Building  and/or Improved Social and Civic Participation.

Our support staff are specifically trained and experienced to work with high risk and vulnerable adults and young people. IFS is provided on a long-term basis to assist participants to meet correction order requirements and to support successful community engagement and participation. This is achieved through liaison and collaboration with key services, case work and participant monitoring, as required.


Participant goals will be within one or more of the following:

1. Daily living skill based on functional assessment / therapy plan

Navigating public transport, financial budgeting, personal care and hygiene, cooking and food preparation, cleaning

2. Mental health counselling support and assisted referral to services

Therapy support to access services and manage behavioural concerns

3. Supportive recreation / community activities

Therapy support to assist in engagement with local community groups, health and fitness, referrals and supportive integration to community groups, gardening

4. Engagement and welfare check

Development of a therapeutic alliance, consistent client contact and follow-up, case work, requests for Police welfare checks if required

5. Training and support with behaviour coaching/ mentoring

Skill development in phone etiquette, ordering food and drinks, management and expression of emotion

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