Behaviour Support

WeSupportU provides accredited NDIS behaviour support intervention.  WeSupportU work holistically with a multidisciplinary team to provide a detailed positive behaviour support plan that identifies the strengths and capabilities of the NDIS participant. We work with children and adults through the life span. The goal of the behaviour support intervention is to increase capacity for self-regulation and reduce frequency and intensity of behaviours of concern.  The intervention can support both the individual participant and the system working with the participant to gain greater awareness, targeted strategies and skills to address the behaviours of concern.  

We use Functional Behaviour Assessment to identify the functions of behaviour.  We examine the use of restrictive practice, where possible work to eliminate it, and when appropriate provide restrictive practice behaviour support plans (both interim and comprehensive) seeking authorisation from the NDIA. Behaviour support captures with the participant and the key relationships in their life, the predisposing, precipitating, perpetuating and protective factors that influence the cycle of behaviours of concern. We work from the principles of choice and control, empowering participants to achieve their aspirations and goals for independence. 

What is the process?

WeSupportU follow the step-by-step process that seeks to consult and collaborate to understand the behaviours of concern. Informed by the Behaviour Support Plan tool kit (December 2020 DFFH) 

Our aim is to seek to understand as much as possible about the NDIS participant seeking their perspective and information from family and key stakeholders to understand the shared collective knowledge of the most effective ways to provide support. We see the Behaviour Support Plan as capturing this vital knowledge and ensuring this information is utilised to eliminate barriers for the participants and expanded as circumstances change.  

We identify goal(s) for behaviour support intervention
  • We seek to address the barriers to inclusion by setting goals that support in access to community through working proactively to address priorities that support participation. 
  • We review professional reports and complete Functional Behaviour Assessment interviews with participant, family and key stakeholders to gather information about the behaviours of concern.   
We work to understand Behaviours of Concern
  • We formulate and describe the problem through completing a Functional Behaviour Assessment where we identify the function of the behaviours.  
  • We work to establish what is the trigger for the behaviours of concern?  Do these triggers work the same way in all environments (day placement, school, or home).  
  • We establish whether there is any current use of restrictive practice (chemical, mechanical, environmental, physical)? 
    We develop a written Behaviour Support Plan
    • We develop targeted positive behaviour support strategies including:  function, motivators, skills building, functionally equivalent replacement behaviours and response and implementation strategies.  
    • We draft a written behaviour support plan and provide this for consultation, making amendments as required. 
    • In the event of a plan that recommends restrictive practice , we provide both interim and comprehensive plans to the NDIA for authorisation via RIDS (The Restrictive Intervention Data System).  
    Training to the Behaviour Support Plan

    Once plan is completed training to the plan is provided.  This can be provided to the team working with the participant, the family, carers, and the participant. Focus is on understanding the approaches that support skills building, self -regulation and self- awareness.  

    Knowing that it works

    We provide ongoing review of the plan and strategies through reflection and micro analysis of behaviours of concern. We can then update the plan as need arises. 

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